Update New Episodes Incoming Friday!

Hey all!

Thanks so much for hanging in there with us while Phoenix has been out ill and thanks for all your emails of encouragement asking for more episodes. It makes us so happy that you are enjoying our Ghostly Chronicles adventures and hard work. We are finally back on track and producing more episodes. We know it’s been a lengthy time and we apologize greatly. But it’s one of those times life and health gets in the way of getting things done for a while.

Now we are back on track with the next episode due out this coming Friday! As a thank-you to all who tune in, the episode will be release to everyone Friday and as of the following week we are releasing to our Patreon members first as promised.

If you want to get episodes early plus, have input into the shows and other perks, head on over to Patreon to become a patron there. Thanks so much. Looking forward to sending out the episode to all of you on Friday!

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Top 20 on iTunes!

The Ghostly Chronicles in top 20 on iTunesAgain, we are so very thankful to all of you who tune into our episodes and this time we are in the  iTunes News!  We just found out that we are now in the Top 20 New and Noteworthy podcasts on iTunes!

The Ghostly Chronicles Available now on iTunes to subscribe
Find us via iTunes:  Subscribe to us here. 

While you are there please give us a review to help us improve and let us know your thoughts on our works.  We can only improve together!

Thank-you so very much iTunes listeners! We greatly appreciate you and will continue to work hard to bring you great new original content each week.

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Thank-you Subscribers!

1,000 subscribers to The Ghostly Chronicles
Thank-you for Liking and Subscribing to The Ghostly Chronicles Audio Series Podcast on Youtube!

We literally just received an email from Youtube letting us know how much all of you have liked and subsribe to our podcasts on their platform.   We just hit 1,000 subscribers on our Youtube channel for The Ghostly Chronicles.  This is amazing to us.  Everyone here is just blown away! 

As a special thank-you to all of you for your support and encouragement, we are going to be releasing the next episode this coming Friday, June 22nd. That’s one full week early. On our regular upload date of June 29th we will still be releasing episode 4.  We have more great adventures and content coming your way in 2018.  So stay tuned in!

Thank-you all so very much for liking and subscribing. Keep sharing our links to your friends who might enjoy the episodes and surprises along the way.  And please, please, please review our podcasts on iTunes, GooglePlayMusic or where ever you are listening in.  That helps us out too.

Thank-you again YouTubers from all of us here at The Ghostly Chronicles Channel.   On to the next!

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New Schedule and Episodes

We are back with newly produced episodes of The Ghostly Chronicles Audio Podcast. We have just finally released episode 2 which has been done but sitting on the back burner for a bit while we located a writer.  We have a new writer, Sam. Who will be penning our adventures for us….or is that typing?  We just know he does it and he works well with us on our ideas.  We hope you will enjoy the new episodes that we collaborate on. Sam makes his debut as our new podcast writer with episode 3 slated to be released June 29th, 2018.

After podcast Episode 3 is released, we will continue with a bi-weekly schedule.   We will see if we can get a calendar of release dates up here for you to see.  All episodes will be available on our episodes page, Youtube , Soundcloud and iTunes.

If you like our audio series podcast,  please like us and give us a rating and review on iTunes or what ever forum you use to tune in.  As well please subscribe to our streams to be kept up to date on Sarah and Barry’s weird, comical and often bizarre adventures.

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Episode 2 – Rick’s Apartment

The Ghostly Chronicles Radio Audio Series Podcast:  Episode # 2 – Rick’s Apartment

In this episode Sara drags Barry along with her to go check out her brother’s apartment for clues to his strange and mysterious disappearance.   But what they find there raises more clues than answers them.

Join our reluctant heros for another adventure in The Ghostly Chronicles!

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A Mysterious Stranger suddenly shows up to inform Sarah that her celebrity brother has disappeared under more than mysterious circumstances. She could just tell the stranger, “hey we don’t get along that great anyways. My brother’s a dolt” and be done with it, like she wishes she could or…….. she and Barry can head out on a hunt to find him piecing together all the clues from the mysterious and paranormal activities surrounding Rick’s disappearance. What happened? Where is he? Will she be able to save him in time? and who was that Mysterious Man with the letter anyways? Does he think he’s Mr. X from the X-Files or something?

It’s X-Files meets Taps and Ghost Hunters.  Man could we use Sherlock desperately on this one! Well, we got Sarah & Barry ……. Tune in to hear their episodes coming soon.

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