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Barry In The Ghostly Chronicles Podcast

Barry Character Promo Shot for The Ghostly Chronicles PodcastBarry is the owner of a run down Chicago motel called The Snoozeland Motel.  He is Sarah’s best friend, boss and reluctant hero of our saga.  He has been dragged into this paranormal / mystery adventure with Sarah in the search for her brother Rick.  He is a believer in the paranormal and huge fan of Rick’s television series.    He is the Watson to Sarah’s Sherlock, the Scully to her Mudler……ummm wait what?  The Mudler to her Scully. Will this rag tag newbie investigation team find the truth? Will they find Rick? Will they even survive?  Tune in to find out.  


C. Alan RobinsonC. Alan Robinson Male Voice Over Talent and voice of Barry in The Ghostly Chronicles

C. Alan Robinson is a professional male Voiceover Talent that has  done a variety of Commercial, Narration, IVR & Character Acting, so there is always something he could bring to your next production.  Mr. Robinson’s acting & comedy skills shine in this paranormal series drawing you further into the adventure.  

He specializes in instructional and training narration, explainer videos, as well as IVR systems. He has worked as a voiceover talent with the following companies and organizations:

Coca-cola, Marriott, Toyota, Hyundai, The Walking Dead, Jeep, Huawei, and Major League Baseball to name a few!

He can quickly record and send you high quality voice-over audio tracks over the Internet without breaking your production budget!  Usually within 24 HOURS!

Visit his site here to see his many services: C Alan Robinson male voiceover talent logo

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