The Ghostly Chronicles Podcast Audio Drama Episodes

The Ghostly Chronicles Podcast: Episode 1 – Pilot


The Place: The Snoozeland Motel, a rundown motel in Chicago’s Cicero neighborhood, in the shadow, and flight path, of Midway Airport.

The Time: The present.

The Ghostly Chronicles Podcast Episode 2 –  Rick’s Apartment

What will Sarah and Barry find at Rick’s Apartment?

Episode #3 – What Happened to Rick?

Let’s find out now if Rick is ok and what can be done…..

Episode #4  –  Saint Sabina’s School

Let’s join up with them again and see what awaits inside the dark halls of the old abandoned school.

Episode#5 = Snoozeland Motel

Release Dates:

Patreon Patrons: August 25, 2018

Youtube: Sept 1, 2018


Episode #6 –

Patreon Patrons: Sept 1, 2018

Youtube: Sept 8, 2018

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