Phoenix T Clark

Sarah Jordanowsky in The Ghostly Chronicles Podcast

Sarah Character Promo Shot for The Ghostly Chronicles Podcast Audio Series

She is the front desk clerk at The Snoozeland Motel owned by her boss and best friend Barry.   Her brother, Rick,  is a  Paranormal TV show host gone missing. Our heroine is out looking for her clues to help her brother.  She is also the reason our hero Barry has been dragged along on this paranormal / mystery / adventure.  She’s the Sherlock to his Watson, the Mulder to his Scully.  Oh wait wouldn’t that be she’s the Scully to his Mulder?  She doesn’t believe in this paranormal mumbo jumbo her brother’s wrapped up in and Barry does. He’s a huge fan of Rick’s show and a true believer.  Will their adventures make a believer out of Sarah too?  Will they survive?

Phoenix is a full time professional voice over talent and actress. Her specialties are commercials, narration and character voices. She has voiced for games, apps, animation, Youtube and more.

She has a warm, believable, friendly voice in neutral English or in her arsenal of accents.

Some of her credits include: Mazda, Volkswagon, Gatorade, Huawei, Harvard, Oxford, Sunset, Campari, DHL Global Express,  Tencent & Inlingo Games to name a few!

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